Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning: Why Office Cleaning is Crucial

Imagine this- what if newly hired employees entered your office, only to find dirt all over furniture? They would probably have a poor impression of your office! Plus, a filthy office can lead to employees falling sick often. If the office is not maintained properly, this can lead to poor work performance. That’s why here at Cleaning Services Singapore, we understand that you may not have sufficient manpower to juggle office work and cleaning at the same time. Thus, let us be the solution to your office cleaning needs!

With the best cleaning equipment at hand, we guarantee you that your office will shine with our unique thorough cleaning methods. Unlike other cleaning service providers, we offer the most affordable office cleaning services which can save you on your company money. Not only that, our cleaners are flexible with your ideal cleaning plans, trained to handle offices of all sizes, whether they are big or small offices.

Office Cleaning: Our Cleaning Sessions

You can choose to have a single session or weekly cleaning session with us, whether you wish to have a one time cleaning solution to your office, or constant long term cleaning maintenance over a period of time. Regardless of which option you choose, we promise your office will be sparkling clean, so as to meet your cleaning needs. Do call us if you wish to find out more details on our office cleaning services

What are some of the duties we can perform? Below is a list of what we can clean in your office

– Empty bins

– Clean wall tiles

– Mop and vacuum the floor

– Wipe office desks and chairs

– Clean and wipe windows

– Wipe cabinets

– Dust telephones