Move in & out cleaning – Stores, Centers & Offices

Professional Move in & Move out cleaning in Singapore

Moving is always can be hectic and chaotic, but with the help of a professional cleaning services you can manage it effortlessly and systematically.

Our services tailored to customer request and our rates are adjustable.

No matter where your office located in Singapore, our cleaners will come and help you to serve you the best.

Every office space need different cleaning solutions.

These may include the lobby and reception area, individual office spaces, cubicles, conference rooms, and restrooms Depending on the type of business.

Lobby / Reception area

  1. Vacuum & Mop floor
  2. Cleaning of window glasses *
  3. Dust wiping of tables and chairs.
  4. Clearing all rubbish


  1. Dust wipe of all cubicles surface & head boards
  2. Remove stains on the table surface
  3. Clearing all rubbish

Individual Office Room

  1. Vacuum & Mop the floor
  2. Dust wipe & remove stains from tables.
  3. Clean the file cabinets (interiors & exteriors)
  4. Cleaning of Rubbish

Meeting /Conference Room

  1. Vacuum & Mop the floor
  2. Dust wipe tables and chairs
  3. Clearing of rubbish


  1. Vacuum & Mop the floor
  2. Cleaning of table top, Utensils & Sink
  3. Cleaning of cabinets (interiors & exteriors)
  4. Clearing of all rubbish.


  1. Cleaning of toilet bowl
  2. Washing of floor
  3. Cleaning of toilet walls & Pipes
  4. Clearing of rubbish