Living Room

Living Room: Cleaning Tips

Clearing the clutter in the living room may be a chore. You may be thinking that you will take ages to clean this part of your house. Fret not. Here are some tips that our cleaners have provided you can take to clear your living room.

Step 1: Start by putting away items that don’t belong in your living room.

Step 2: Proceed to dust away cobwebs and dust from surfaces such as ceilings. You may use a broom or duster for this.

Step 3: Next, wet a towel with water and wipe your furniture with it. Then, dry your furniture with a dry towel.

Step 4: After that, use the vacuum to suck up the rest of the dirt particles in your home

Additional Tips:

– For sofas, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clear dirt faster.

– For wooden furniture, you may still use water to clean them, just be careful not to over soak the furniture. We advise to use commercial wood furniture wax to make your wood furniture shine. To use the wax, dab a bit of wax onto a piece of cloth, and wipe your furniture in a circular motion.

– For windows, using newspapers to clean windows are excellent items to use to prevent streaking. Just wet the windows, then wipe the window with the newspapers.