FAQ: Important Things to Note

Do you have any enquiries regarding our cleaning services? Worry not. This FAQ will cover some of the questions we often receive from our customers.

How do I know that Cleaning Services Singapore provides reliable cleaning services?

Cleaning Services Singapore is a qualified, competent company who provides exceptional cleaning services to our customers. With a team of professional and trustworthy cleaners with a passion to give you the best cleaning service, we take pride in catering all customers regardless of background. We ensure that our services are top notch yet affordable, so that all of our customers can enjoy staying in a clean environment.

How do you pick and train your cleaners?

Our cleaners are selectively hand picked by us. They will be thoroughly assessed based on their aptitude and their passion to serve our customers well. Before they start providing cleaning services, these cleaners will go through a rigorous training process to learn the cleaning etiquette and how to clean houses efficiently. They will also be taught how to use certain cleaning products, and learn how to clean houses based on our customers’ detailed cleaning plan. Under our strict rules, we also ensure that our cleaners do not eat or smoke while cleaning your house.

I wish to request for your services. How could I do that?

Simply call us at _________. Do tell us how you would like to clean your house and if there are any special arrangements needed. Don’t forget tell us your address, and when you wish to have our cleaning services.

How do I make a payment for your home cleaning?

Payment can be made using cash/cheque, before the cleaners start services.

When are you able to clean my home?

We are able to provide services everyday from 9am till 5pm.

Do I have to be at home during cleaning?

Not necessarily. You may stay at home if you wish to do so while our cleaners perform their cleaning services. However, in the event that you are away, you would need to leave your keys with us. But rest assured that your keys will be kept safely in our hands. For additional security, your keys will be kept in a safe.

Would I have to do anything before your cleaners arrive at my home?

In order for us to clean your home more efficiently, we ask that our customers could clear clutter such as toys, clothes, cutlery and other items in your home. This also ensures that cleaning can be done much faster too.

Who will provide the cleaning equipment?

We will provide the cleaning equipment to finish the job. Our equipment, specially chosen by us, have proven to successfully clean furniture fast yet effectively. As a safety precaution, we only use cleaning equipment that are safe and do not cause harm to others.

Can I offer my own cleaning equipment for the cleaners to use?

This is optional. Though if requested, we would be pleased to use your favoured cleaning equipment.

What if I need to postpone my appointment for cleaning services?

Ring us a call at_______ before your scheduled time with our cleaners, and tell us how you would like to reschedule your appointment with us. Rest assured we would do our very best to accommodate to your needs.

How do I leave a feedback for Cleaning Services Singapore?

You can call us at_____. Whether you wish to give positive or negative feedback regarding our services, we would still be happy to listen to your concerns or other service improvement.