Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning: Importance of Cleaning Your Carpet

Did you know an uncleaned carpet is like a magnet that holds tons of dust, dirt, soil, bacteria, mold and most importantly viruses? This is because carpets are made of carpet fibres that can trap particles easily. Without proper carpet cleaning, people could be more prone to viruses such as Norwalk Virus(stomach flu). You may be think that will never happen, since you’ve cleaned your carpet once or looks as if your carpet is clean. Contrary to that belief, performing irregular carpet cleaning can attract unwanted smell in your house. However, with Cleaning Services Singapore’s specialized carpet cleaning services, your carpet will be free of dirt and dust!

Carpet Cleaning: Different Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Depending on your carpet material, we will use a few types of carpet cleaning, some of  which are steam cleaning, dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. What are the differences between these types of carpet cleaning though?

Steam cleaning involves the use of hot water cleansing solution which uses a jet spray that sprays the cleansing solution at a high pressure. This method is specially useful when needed to clear any dirt effectively.

Dry cleaning mainly uses heat, chemicals and dry compounds during the cleaning process, breaking down dirt particles easily. As this method does not much water to clean carpets, there is no need to wait for a period of time for the carpet to dry.

Bonnet Cleaning involves the use of a rotary brush with an absorbent pad attached and sprayed with cleaning solution. It is effective in removing soil quickly, and the cleaning solution used dries faster too.

Regardless of the method of carpet cleaning we use, we will ensure your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly. If you need to know more details about carpet cleaning, our consultant will be happy to answer to your queries.