Bedroom: Cleaning Tips

To have a good night’s rest, a bedroom should be cleaned thoroughly so that your family would not have any uncomfort dealing with dust in the room. Read below to find out how to clean your bedroom efficiently.

– Before you start, remember to clear and put away items that do not belong to your room.

– Start off by dusting every surface of your items in your room.

– You can now proceed to wipe the surfaces of your objects in the room with a wet towel as usual. Dry once done. Remember to clean your door and your windows too!

– After that, vacuum the remaining last bits of dust in your room.

– For beds, you’ll need to start to vacuum the dirt off your bed first. If there are any stains, use an upholstery shampoo to clean the stain. Ideally, bed sheets and mattresses should be washed in hot water weekly, and monthly for blankets and pillows.

Tip: Flip over your mattress often! Doing so helps to increase its lifespan.