Bathroom: Cleaning tips

Cleaning your toilet may be a hassle. It may be difficult to figure out the steps to wash your bathroom efficiently, but rest assured. Cleaning Services Singapore will provide the tips to make your bathroom shine.

– For toilet bowls, wipe and wash the surface of the toilet bowl with a wet towel. Then, add in cleaning solution (gel, liquid or powdered) into the bowl. Close the lid and flush the toilet to prevent splashing.

– For sinks, fill the sink with hot water. Let it settle down to clear residue such as toothpaste. Proceed to use a wet towel to scrub the surfaces of the sink. Note this, do not use the same towel to wipe the sinks! Remember to wipe the faucet as well. Now you can drain the hot water, and wipe the surfaces with a dry towel.

– For bathtubs, be wary of the type of the bath tub that you are cleaning. If you have a porcelain bathtub, you could use an all purpose cleaner on your tub. Leave the cleaner there for a while before you wash the tub with your towel. If you have an acrylic tub or a fiberglass tub, make sure to use a non abrasive cleaner when you clean your tub. Do not use too much force when you rub the tub with your towel, as it could damage your tub.