About us


Our company  offers you a wide range of commercial cleaning services.

The importance of keeping a work space cleaned and organized cannot be overstated.

In this perspective, why cleaning is necessary?

  1. The employees hate working in a dirty office as they may not feel values by the organization.
  2. Unclean workplace can be distracting for the employees and can actually have a direct negative impact on the clients as well. 

So, A clean work space is important for several different reasons.

Here is why the need & advantage of hiring a commercial cleaning service.

First, it helps you focus on the task at hand, rather than being distracted by the clutter.

Clean offices also help germs to a minimum.

A clean workspace helps your business put its best face forward for visitors, clients, customers and potential employees.


Established in 2010
About our Cleaning Services – A solid Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services providing by well trained and skilled cleaners.

Licensed Company
We are NEA licensed company have all the legal documents and certificates

Any Work injuries during their duties are covered under WICA for all the cleaners.

All employees are contributed CPF

Our Cleaning company is dedicated to providing effective and efficient cleaning services for Homes and Commercial spaces.

“We provide quality cleaning with integrity”

Our Vision
To create a 100% disinfectant, spotless homes and stress free, de-cluttered working environments.