About Us

About us at Cleaning Services Singapore


Cleaning Services Singapore is the leading cleaning company in Singapore. We provide commercial and residential cleaning services with the reasonable, qualified and affordable rates because we also want you to save as much as you can. Furthermore, a supervisor will tag along to supervise during the cleaning process to ensure that the entire process goes on smoothly.

We never make to fail our customers to be happy, simply because we have our vision and mission that constantly reminds us at Cleaning Services Singapore, that making the best for our customers is one of the best, if not the best ways to get repeated business. We also appreciate it if you do not keep us as a secret. Spread out the Cleaning Services Singapore name! We want to be able that we are able to help as many people in their moving needs as we possibly can. The more customers we have, the longer survival we will stay in the market. We are very happy for our customers to recommend Cleaning Services Singapore to their friends, families and relatives.

We will also strive to bring you the highest level of quality service that always satisfy our customer’s requirements and exceed your expectations and demands. Our very own team of highly trained cleaners will work together with you in order to deliver the best service that meet all your particular demands.

Our Mission:
To provide an affordable rate and hassle free for cleaning your premises by providing the best cleaners.

Our Vision:
To be the best cleaning company and one of the top reliable, trustworthy brands in Singapore.

Our Tagline:

Cleaning Services Singapore, we are the best and reliable Cleaning Services Singapore